Stella Dallas Living & 10 Ft. Single

March 25, 2010

Nestled just next to the BQE in Brooklyn is a pair of vintage boutiques serving up a treasure trove of clothing and wares from days gone by.
Stella Dallas Living & 10 Ft. Single

If Stella Dallas Living isn’t on your radar yet, we don’t blame you–it doesn’t look like much from the outside. By chance (and after too many mimosas), I was lucky enough to stumble in last weekend only to be met with a wonderfully sobering collection of vintage textiles and home décor. Stella Dallas Living
The sister store to 10 ft. Single (one door down on North 6th Street), Stella Dallas Living is every crafter/DIY-er/collector/decorator’s dream come true: the textiles include bedspreads, blankets, sheets (though not many complete sets), table linens and more, are all ready to inspire you.Stella Dallas Living

There are gorgeous old quilts from bygone eras, bins of scrap lace and scarves, table lamps, shoehorns, and even a selection of vintage clothing for kids. One rack is devoted to gorgeous vintage nightgowns, dressing gowns and peignoirs; all so elegant (and in such good condition) they deserve to be worn in broad daylight. Stella Dallas Living

A display case near the back of the store has a wonderful range of vintage jewelry, including two huge, chunky silver cuffs I was drooling over, as well as a classic round locket inscribed with the initials GED (a fact I found much funnier than my shopping mate).Stella Dallas Living

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention the merits of 10 ft. Single next door. The vintage selection for both men and women is simply to die for; I found a DVF dress and a stunning linen Ungaro number, both for $75 and on the same rack. With no money to spend, I didn’t linger or try on as it would only have been torture, but I will certainly be going back this weekend. The store is twice as deep as it seems when you first walk in, so I recommend making a day of it.

Will we see you at Stella Dallas Living and 10 ft. Single this weekend?


  • Tigress

    over 7 years ago


    Oooohhh...perfect weekend activity!

  • MayaOjalvo

    over 7 years ago


    wow I'm glad I'm reading this while I'm in New York!

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