Move into Jenna Lyons' Pad + Nicole Richie's Big Win

November 08, 2011

Jenna Lyons' lust-worthy pad is now officially on the market, which is by far the most exciting news of the day. But what other StyledOn Scoops have we found for you? Lots...
Move into Jenna Lyons' Pad + Nicole Richie's Big Win

  • JCrew's Jenna Lyons' home has been a major source of inspiration for all of us and now it's up for sale. How much would you pay to live in that pad?! [via Curbed]
  • Not such a big surprise here, but Nicole Richie won ACE Influencer of the Year Award. [via WWD]
  • You know that we've got mad Blog Love - and so does Dockers. They asked a few menswear bloggers to style looks and well, why not see what the guys are up to, right? [via Racked]
  • The Victoria's Secret show is being taped tomorrow in New York and will air on November 29th (get ready, angels!). But how exactly many costumes, models, and Swarovski crystals will be used? Quite a lot. [via Fashionista]
  • Interesting... the upcoming Zappos iPad app mimics a fashion magazine. Will you be downloading it? [via All Things Digital]

How are you making the most of this day?
Photo courtesy of Sotheby's.


  • thisfruitstyled

    almost 5 years ago


    Um, it's on the market because of her divorce? Not lustworthy!

    Ss5 *fruitpunch — There are only a few more weekends of the farmer's market...

  • Casey Kettleson

    almost 5 years ago

    Casey Kettleson

    I know, but as a single girl I'd be happy to move in ;)

  • Cassandra

    almost 5 years ago


    Simply beautiful...Ok when can I move in? lol lol :-D

  • Far_Fetched

    almost 5 years ago


    In my opinion, the architecture is great but I would get rid of those grenades on the mantle, and the mirror is too big . There would be arguements over the chandelier...

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