Earth Day Cravings

April 22, 2010

We try to make "green" choices every day, but on this special day we're sharing the best of the best eco products in beauty, accessories and much more.
Earth Day Cravings

Happy Earth Day! We are thrilled to see so many amazing brands and companies making eco-conscious changes in their business practices, from the materials they use to the production practices and the places they retail their wares. We tip our hat to them, and today we’ll share a few of our many green favorites.

Above, clockwise from left: Leigh and Luca Recycle Scarf, made on looms over 100 years old, $153; Herban Essentials Mixed Towelettes made with pure essential oils, $15; KARMA Champagne is bottled and packages in recycled materials, $4.99 and up; Stella McCartney's Cage-Effect Sandals are vegan (actually, everything Stella is - just another reason to her) $795.

The Seven Year Pen by New York design company Seltzer supplies enough ink to write two meters a day for seven years (and their designs are so cute, you'll definitely want to keep it that long!). $7.50 at Seltzer Goods.

Left: Batacuda's Eco-Plastic jewelry looks great and is a guilt free purchase – it even comes packaged in recycled paper! From $24. Right: StyledOn favorite Burt's Bees has just release a line of natural toothpaste available in multicare and whitening, and it tastes great too! $5. *Be sure to stop by to get Burt-ified!*

Left: Use this Wood/Bamboo iPhone Case by Vers to show your love for the planet – bamboo can be harvested endlessly without harming the planet, and produces 35% more oxygen than and acre of trees! $39 Right: Lulu Organics' Hair Powder lets you skip a wash organically, without the grease. $40.

Left: Treat yourself to Jurlique's Earth Day Best Sellers Bundle for a big savings, and a seriously treat for your skin. $114. Right: Ashley Watson's super cute knot wallet is made from reccycled leather jackets! $145.

What are you buying in honor of Earth Day?

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  • BrenndonKnox

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    i really wanna try that burt's bees toothpaste!

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