Dissecting 'It' - Isabel Marant Sneakers

January 26, 2012

You've seen them all over street style sites, on your favorite editors, and now they have taken over the blogosphere – so it's time to dissect the Isabel Marant sneakers.
Dissecting 'It' - Isabel Marant Sneakers

On the issue of sneakers, the StyledOn office (and, it seems, the fashion world at large) is divided. They are generally seen as utilitarian and tomboyish, and many an editor would tell you she wouldn't be caught dead in a pair outside of the gym – that is until Isabel Marant released her lady-like take on the shoe. Now, women the world over are strapping on these cushy, colorful sneakers and strutting with pride. 

It's time to take a closer look at these shoes in this week's Dissecting 'It', where we will decide if they meet muster or are just plain over-hyped.

It Item: Isabel Marant Sneakers

Price: $760 and up

Where to Buy: NET-A-PORTER or La Garconne (when in stock), and at Isabel Marant boutiques

The Dissection: First released a few seasons back, this chunky suede sneaker has a hidden wedge that has captured the hearts of models-off-duty, bloggers, and editors alike – and it's easy to see why. The distinctive shape and velcro straps have just enough of a retro feel to keep them feeling classic season after season. Plus, their clout for being by designer-darling Isabel Marant and the overall level of comfort they offer without sacrificing chic, makes them an incredibly appealing investment piece even for those who normally wouldn't dare wear anything but heels. 

The Downfall: As usual, the price. Also, some of the suede colorways are destined to get pretty dirty as they are well-worn and loved, and may pick up dyes from denim or other dark pants – but the black suede or the navy will have a much longer shelf life.

Verdict: If you have a sneaker fetish, these are the ones to spring for. Unless you plan on being very diligent about caring for these shoes, however, opt for a darker colorway, and make sure to have them treated so that they last a lifetime! 

What do you think of this 'it' item? Would you spring for it?


  • Ashley Ryan

    almost 6 years ago

    Ashley Ryan

    totally agree with what you're saying about the darker colors being a safer choice, but I'm loving the ones featured with the different colored straps!

  • Casey Kettleson

    almost 6 years ago

    Casey Kettleson

    I'm obsessed with the femme way the Blonde Salad wore them - OBSESSED! Completely lusting after a pair since they're the perfect post-op chic options for me at the moment ;)

  • Lan Tran

    almost 6 years ago

    Lan Tran

    I normally do not like sneakers outside of a gym, but these, I'd spring for!

  • Emily Kropp

    almost 6 years ago

    Emily Kropp

    I think I like the navy + white ones best!

  • thenyshopaholic

    almost 6 years ago


    I seriously need these! Most likely would go with darker color like navy and white or black and white.

  • absees

    almost 6 years ago


    Totally into these shoes- love!

  • HannahLaurel

    almost 6 years ago


    Always always always. It's not like sneakers EVER go out of style and neither does staying comfy! I'm a klutz but I'll take 'em in the taupe/mulberry combo and wear them to death!

  • Beate de Camp

    almost 6 years ago

    Beate de Camp

    It's sooo hard to resist... not sure how a pair of sneakers would look next to all my heels!?!

  • SO5319

    over 5 years ago


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