Community Round Up: New Look

November 04, 2011

StyledOn's new look has incited a frenzy of community activity, making it harder than ever to choose our favorite posts. Take a look at 12 stellar posts and then post one of your own!
Community Round Up: New Look

This week's featured member, The Style Mogul, has lived all over the world and has a globe-trotting sense of style to match. She has done awesome DIY projects that have gone on to inspire other members to get crafty, and she keeps a personal blog to show even more looks into her daily life. You can see her full profile here, and check out the rest of this week's Community Round Up below!

GoldenMirrors gave us a detailed look at her outfit and Stylight bag; LadyalaMode is playing with layers this week, and ready for fur season!; AdoretoAdorn wore neutrals on top, and poppy red heels for a fun daytime look!

Chanelfiles wore a pair of pants that look like camo at first glance, but are actually a floral print!; Elena took a snap at the seaside wearing a classic all-white look paired with Converse; We're loving the playful print on this dress worn by MintyGreenSubmarine.

Emy wore a terrific day of the dead costume, with full make up and a crown of roses; Kileen added subtle touches to her mostly-neutral outfit, like turquoise heels and polka-dot scarf; Jill wore a new skirt on a barracks visit, with a red lip to match.

Steph gave us a glimpse into her beautiful new Brooklyn bedroom and her inky blue paint job; ClosetCast toughened up a flowy white skirt with a heavy leather jacket; Fernanda brought a little sunshine to her look with a yellow fuzzy sweater and a beautiful Chanel handbag.

What do you think, ladies and gents? Are you loving StyledOn's new look?


  • Sophie KATT

    about 6 years ago

    Sophie KATT

    yes, yes, yes, Emily, the new look of Styledon, is amazing! I am persuaded that I am not the only one to appreciate it! Super convenient, a good overview of the members and as many items still interressants! Bravo!

  • Cassandra

    about 6 years ago


    Yes love the new look :-D

  • goldenmirrors

    about 6 years ago


    Me too :)

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