The Working Girl Esq.

December 23, 2010

Preetma Singh of The Working Girl Esq. sits down with StyledOn to chat professional fashion, sample sale shopping, and her resolutions for the New Year.
The Working Girl Esq.

We love The Working Girl Esq., and not just for her killer wardrobe and quirky-professional style. She is currently doing what most would be too wary to try by taking a break from her professional legal career to pursue her passion for fashion through an editorial internship at Refinery29. Preetma sat down with us to talk about the past year, her hopes for 2011, and of course, shopping.

StyledOn: Tell us a little about yourself – how did you get into blogging?
Preetma Singh: My boyfriend was most instrumental. I had always been a little apprehensive of the idea of posting pictures of yourself for other people to look at on the internet, but he made me look at it as a way of expressing my love of fashion, as well as a way of testing out whether fashion might be something I would want to pursue in a professional capacity (as opposed to just really liking shopping). Turns out it’s both!

SO: We admit that we had our doubts as to whether or not you were actually working as a lawyer based on several of your sartorial choices... Have you ever gotten grief from your coworkers over your fashion flavor?
PS: I’ve actually never gotten negative comments from any co-workers or colleagues, ever. In fact, the only negative comment I’ve ever gotten was during an interview in law school, and that was because I was wearing nude Wolford tights that had a bit of a fishnet-y pattern (but weren’t actually fishnet). Overwhelmingly, though, I’ve only gotten positive responses. That’s part of the reason I started the blog—there are so many people who work in conservative environments that are dying to be expressive with their style but are just too scared to take any chances! I hope my ridiculousness can serve as a tiny bit of inspiration for people to be more personal in their style, generally, and at work, especially—we’re there long enough every day, to deny fashion is just sad!

SO: How do you find the balance between expressive fashion statements and professional ensembles?
PS: Of course, professionalism overrides all fashionable considerations. But that still leaves you with a lot of leeway. I think as long as you aren’t showing too much skin and you choose pieces that are of good quality (i.e. that look expensive, whether they are or aren’t), you can get away with wearing what you love. I think an easy guide is to buy interesting pieces that build on the idea of clichéd work staples. Just the tiniest little subversive detail on a conservative garment can take you from cubicle monkey to style maven with little to no effort. Most importantly, it’ll make you feel worlds better.

SO: We read that you’re taking some time to explore the fashion/editorial world with an internship at Refinery29. How is it going so far?
PS: It’s great! It’s definitely a bit jarring to go from such a formal environment to a comparatively relaxed one, but it keeps me on my toes! It’s also really refreshing to use a different part of my brain.  And of course, spending the whole day consumed by fashion ain’t so bad. ;)

SO: What is the most treasured item in your closet?
PS: Oh that’s really really hard! I got a Comme des Garcons blanket coat from the A/W 2009 collection 70% off at Saks and it definitely is one of my favorites—I feel like it should be in a museum it’s so brilliant! I also have a gorgeous satin and lace McQueen gown that I got from the Outnet 80% off that I’m saving either for my wedding reception (totally jinxed myself now, right?) or for when my fairy godmother arrives and turns my blackberry into an invite to the Met Gala.

SO: Do you have any sample sale shopping advice you can share?
PS: Patience! And believe in fate—if something is supposed to be yours, it has a funny way of getting to you, no matter whether you stand in line or go on the last day.  

SO: What are the top three items on your wishlist this holiday?
PS: I went a little insane at the sample sales this month, so a lot has been crossed off my wishlist, either through acquisition or by necessity! I’m pretty Type A, so if I want something bad enough, it doesn’t stay on my wishlist for long—I find SOME way to get it. Is that scary? I have been eyeing these leopard Balenciaga booties (and I thought I was over leopard!) on sale at Barneys. On the more realistic end, I really want some lace/delicate socks with reinforced heels and toes (a la S/S 2010 Rodarte).  

SO: We love your blog and read it on a regular basis. What sites do you visit the most?
PS: First of all, thanks! Second, Refinery29 all day every day. Just kidding, although it really was one of my faves before I started working with them. I love salivating over pics on Jak and Jil. Those detail shots are the most inspiring to me. Then there are the usual fashion/style blogs like Stylelikeu, Style Bubble, The Cut. Also love Gawker and Jezebel for helping me get through the day—without them I would be a very bored girl.

SO: What was your proudest fashion moment of 2010?
PS: Proudest fashion moment was probably realizing that I have way too many clothes. It’s been 27 years coming, but it FINALLY happened! Now if only I could act on that realization… On a more literal level, allowing myself to get the Proenza x J. Brand high-waisted graffiti jeans for my birthday. I was so afraid of their impracticality, but I just adore them! It was one of the few times I let pure whimsy dictate a purchase. Usually I’m much more practical about purchases that indulgent.

SO: What are your resolutions for the new year?
PS: To really give fashion a go! I went to law school straight after college and (shhhh) I’m not getting any younger, so I feel I either have to go for broke or relegate fashion to just being a hobby—a VIP hobby, but a hobby nonetheless. I also need to start working out regularly. I don’t think doing yoga on my Wii Fit every couple weeks is cutting it. And those Wii trainers are so judgmental.

What was your greatest style moment of 2010? Who are some of your favorite bloggers now?


  • aumeh

    almost 7 years ago


    Love the blog. Great to see some one being expressive AND practical about fashion

  • Emily Kropp

    almost 7 years ago

    Emily Kropp

    I love Preetma! Such an inspiring person and message.

  • janetmay

    almost 7 years ago


    Been a fan of this blog and am excited to see such great coverage on it! Preetma, you look great!

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