Run Away With Ebba

December 05, 2012

Our latest Blog Love is a Swedish beauty with a soft spot for animals and a love for the holidays. Get to know more about Ebba today...
Run Away With Ebba

Ebba Zingmark is a Swedish blogging sensation we just can't get enough of. She has this amazing ability to transform her luscious locks (from prim, dark, and pulled back to a long, wavy gorgeous red) and her style is all over the spectrum as well. We caught up with this beauty (can you believe she's only 17?!) and discovered where she got her start, why she loves fashion, and her favorite holiday treats!

StyledOn: Tell us a little about yourself - how did you first get into blogging?
Ebba Zingmark: I'm a 17 year old girl from Umeå, a little city in the north of Sweden. I love everything that's creative, including putting together outfits and taking photos. It was my interest in photography that made me start my blog at first, I wanted a place to showcase my pictures for friends. I also love being in nature and hanging out with animals, I'm supporting animal's rights and because of that I've decided to eat vegan. 

SO: What has been the best experience your blog has opened up for you so far?
EZ: Maybe the trip I made to China last year to record a video for Denizen (Levi's). It was an amazing experience! 

SO: Do you remember the first fashion blogs you read?
EZ: I think it was Swedish blogger Lisa Olsson.

SO: When did you first fall in love with fashion?
EZ: I've always loved playing with different shapes and materials by putting together funny outfits, so that would be ever since I was very young. I still have a love/hate relationship with the trends and must-have items, I don't like limiting myself with fashion rules.  

SO: Has your style changed since you started recording it?
EZ: Hm, maybe it has become more global, but there is not really a huge difference. 

SO: If you could collaborate with anyone on anything, who would it be and why?
EZ: I would love collaborating with WWF to help animals in need, or any of the wonderful similar organizations. 

SO: Who is your style icon?
EZ: I don't have anybody special, I get inspired by everyone I see

SO: We're currently loving your blog! Which blogs are on your daily must-read list?
EZ: My friends' blogs, my colleagues on Modette's blogs and I check all the time. 

SO: What are the three 'must-haves' you think everyone should have in their closets?
EZ: A good and comfy pair of jeans, a backpack, and a comfortable pair of boots.

SO: What are your favorite holiday traditions and recipes? 
EZ: Oh, I love Christmas! My favorite tradition is drinking "Glögg" (a bit like mulled wine, but I think the Swedish version is a bit sweeter) and eating saffron buns (I've made a post about it here!) 

Will you be running away with Ebba today?

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