Konstantina, The Serial Klother

January 02, 2013

Float away to Athens with a peek inside the world of Konstantina Tzagaraki, a Serial Klother and our latest Blog Love.
Konstantina, The Serial Klother

After getting her start on Lookbook, Konstantina Tzagaraki of Serial Klother is relatively new to the blogging scene and already making a splash. With a love for Chanel, YSL, and so much more, she's often seen sporting some of our fashion faves! (Valentino Rockstuds, anyone?) We sat down with this Greek beauty and found out the secret behind her shiny locks, the opportunity of a lifetime, and her go-to blogs for inspiration...

StyledOn: Tell us a little about yourself - how did you first get into blogging?
Konstantina Tzagaraki: I studied marketing at the Economic University of Athens...I was living in the beautiful city of Rome for the last three years with my beloved fiancé Manos. I was always looking for fashion inspiration on the internet and that is how I came across Lookbook. I took my chance and here I am! 

SO: What has been the best experience that blogging has opened up for you?
KT: Besides the daily wonderful communication with people all around the world, I would definitely say the opportunity to write on a monthly basis in one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world. I am starting in January and will be able to share the details with you then! 

SO: Do you remember the first fashion blogs you read?
KT: Caroline's Mode, Stockholm StreetStyle, The Blonde Salad, The Sartorialist, StyleScrapbook.

SO: When did you first fall in love with fashion?
KT: Around my 20's! Believe it or not, in high school I was a fanatic tomboy! 

SO: How has your style evolved over time?
KT: Not really at all! My style was always clean and cut..there was always structure in the clothes I was wearing - matching colors, matching pieces. Of course every season I am adopting elements of the new trends, but never too much.

SO: If you could collaborate with anyone on anything, who would it be and why?
KT: So hard to choose! There are so many inspirational people in the fashion industry. Taylor Tomasi Hill is my favorite as far as fashion is concerned. Every time I see her I fall more and more in love with fashion!

SO: Tell us something about yourself we may not expect!
KT: I am addicted to junk food and food in general...I am always hungry...and I always stain my clothes! I am so careless! 

SO: We're currently loving your blog! Which blogs make your daily must-read list?
KT: The same blogs I mentioned above! (Caroline's ModeStockholm StreetStyleThe Blonde SaladThe SartorialistStyleScrapbook

SO: What are the three 'must-haves' you think everyone needs in their closet?
KT: Shoes, shoes and shoes! Haha! A pair of shoes can transform an outfit...even the exact same outfit! 

SO: Have any style secrets you'd like to share?
KT: Olive oil! It can do miracles to your hair - I use it once a month as a mask with lemon. 

We're loving Serial Klother! Which blogs are you currently reading?



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