Isabel's Metallic Paws

November 07, 2012

Put your paws up this week for our latest Blog Love, Isabel of Metallic Paws.
Isabel's Metallic Paws

Australian beauty and relatively new to the fashion blogging scene, Isabel (or Izzy) of Metallic Paws has made quite the splash in our blogging radar with her charming posts. Finishing her final year of law school, Isabel has yet to commit to blogging full time, but her passion for her site comes through in each and every post! Read on to learn more about our latest Blog Love - discover her unexpected dream collab in Japan and her top three 'must haves' that everyone should own...

StyledOn: Tell us a little about yourself - how did you get into blogging?
Isabel Z: I'm a final year law student from Sydney, Australia. I got into blogging after being the (intially reluctant) test subject for my boyfriend's photography. I enjoyed showcasing my fashion and my blog was going to be more of a personal visual diary at first, but I eventually decided to make it a more open fashion blog.

SO: Do you remember the first fashion blog you read?
IZ: It would have to be the iconic Rumi Neely's Fashion Toast.

SO: Can you explain the name of your blog?
IZ: Metallics are one of my absolute favorite trends, and the 'paws' part comes from the fact that I'm a total cat lady.

SO: What are the three pieces you think everyone needs in their wardrobe?
IZ: Everyone needs a high-quality, warm leather jacket because I totally live in mine every single winter. Also, a pair of lace or crochet white shorts to make for the essential beach outfit when the hot weather comes around, and a lace dress.

SO: When did you first fall in love with fashion?
IZ: I wasn't the most fashion-savvy kid, so probably in my late teens. I always had a problem with self-esteem and I found that making yourself stylish, and being noticed for it, was a great confidence booster.

SO: If you could collaborate with anyone on anything, who and what would it be?
IZ: I would love to go to Japan and help design robots! LOL I love technology. Fashion-wise, I would also love to collaborate with Black Milk because I really admire their fusion of art with fashion.

SO: How has starting the blog changed your life?
IZ: I've been able to collaborate with some of my favorite Australian labels such as Wish and Wayne Cooper, as well as be sponsored to travel recently! I never thought something like blogging could so easily open these doors to the fashion industry and other perks. The best thing about it is that I have never considered fashion blogging a job and have continued to treat it as a passionate hobby, and I'm getting amazing rewards for doing something I love.

SO: We're currently loving your blog! What are your daily must-reads?
IZ: Thank you! I'm currently loving Fashion Toast (of course), Kryz Uy's blog Thirsty Thought, Le Blog de Betty, and Keiko Lynn. A fashion blog really engages me when it features great photography as well.

SO: Who most inspires you?
IZ: Steve Jobs.

SO: Where do you see Metallic Paws going in the future?
IZ: Blogging is still a hobby for myself, so I'm just planning to continue helping it grow bigger and hopefully keep inspiring people along the way. I only started last year, and I already feel so blessed for the love it's received so far. 

Have you become a fan of Isabel, too?

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