Melanie's Aetherlily

September 26, 2012

Get caught up this Wednesday with our well-traveled Blog Love and see where in the world her blogging has taken her...
Melanie's Aetherlily

She may be based in Jersey, but Melanie Pangilinan of Aetherlily spent her summer hopping around Asia and stocking up on some foreign inspiration. Her StyledOn posts caught our eye so after we stole her style we had to hop over to her blog, sit down and learn all about her. Read on to see what inspires Melanie, the awesome doors blogging has opened up, and who her dream collaboration would be...

StyledOn: Tell us a little about yourself - what inspired you to start blogging? Did you read a lot of blogs before starting, or did you just start one out of the blue?
Melanie Pangilinan: I am a full-time student living off the coast of the jersey shore. Blogging was inspired by other style bloggers who I admired so yes, I read many blogs but not too long before I created my own!

SO: Where are you originally from?
MP: I am originally from the US! I've been in New Jersey all my life, but just this past summer I spent almost a month in Asia visiting Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, and Tokyo! I do hope I get to travel to many other places in the future because it is such an amazing experience exploring different parts of the world.

SO: How has you life changed since starting your blog, has it opened up any doors for you?
MP: Blogging has really been such an amazing experience for me! Never did I even think that I would have the chance to be inside an issue of Nylon magazine, become a guest speaker for Teen Vogue, be invited to runway shows during NYFW, and much more. It has also taught me about patience and time organization. Fashion blogging isn't a competition, it's about showing off your style and your love of fashion with no pressure!

SO: What item can you never leave home without?
MP: I can definitely never leave without my phone, keys and hand sanitizer. It's a world filled with germs out there...haha.

SO: Where does the name of your blog come from?
MP: The name of my blog, Aetherlily, has not significant meaning. It was random and made up, but sounded pretty!

SO: Who is your main style inspiration?
MP: I guess I would have to say my main style inspiration comes from fashion bloggers. I was never really too crazy about models and designers until later on, but fashion bloggers caught my attention because they were real people I could relate to just posting their photos online. The first blogger that ever caught my attention was Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast.

SO: When did you first fall in love with fashion?
MP: Since I was a little girl of course! Every girl wants to look and feel pretty from the very beginning.

SO: If you could collaborate with anyone on anything, who and what would it be?
MP: I would love to collaborate with Jeffrey Campbell because I LOVE all their shoes and I am a shoe addict.

SO: We're currently loving your blog! What are your daily must-reads?
MP: Thank you so much! <3 My daily must-read fashion blogs are Lustt for Life, Rougefox, Ring My Bell, and the Ordinary People.

SO: Where do you see your blog going in the future? Can you see yourself keeping it up for a long time?
MP: I don't think my blog will become as well-known as others, but I hope for people to continue checking out my style. I definitely plan on keeping my blog up long term because it's a hobby! And I enjoy blogging and keeping it alive.

Are you feeling Melanie's style?

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