First Look: Standard Finery

February 12, 2010

Standard Finery's lovely fall-infused presentation on Wednesday was full of looks we can't wait to get into.
First Look: Standard Finery

standard finery
Inspired by traditional Japanese kimonos, shapes, and layering,
Standard Finery's Fall 2010 collection consists of beautiful pieces in simple, clean prints and neutral earth-tones "for a creative, spirited woman who loves fashion, but doesn't neccessarily follow it."

Well executed and well edited, the looks included dresses in fleurette prints, breezy camisoles and chunky wool coats. The clothes were presented on models (many of the them redheads) arranged in a casual fall scene, highlighting the wearability and casual elegance of the line as a whole.

Several of the looks were accessorized with Indian quilts in rich blues and reds re-worked as scarves. Designer Caron Callahan explains that the scarves are "something special, but not precious" in an appropriate reflection of the current economic climate.

Callahan has has a strong background in design, having worked as Tracy Feith's design assistant for three years, followed by stints with Derek Lam and Steven Alan, and the evidence is in the execution; the tailoring of her clothes (especially the pleated skirt and collared shirts) is impeccable.

standard finery
We can't wait to get into these feminine-but-not-girly clothes
, especially now that the Fashion Week Blizzard has eased off a bit. Callahan has turned out a gorgeous collection of looks that prove that for Standard Finery, it just keeps getting better.

Which looks do you love from Standard Finery?


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