DIY Décor: Paper Snowflakes

November 29, 2010

Spent all your money shopping during Black Friday weekend? Don't worry, you can still turn your home into a winter wonderland with just a bit of paper and a lot of creativity.
DIY Décor: Paper Snowflakes

While we always add new ornaments and decorations to our ever-growing holiday collections, we love the simple, yet spectacular art of the DIY paper snowflake. Costing next to nothing, paper snowflakes provide hours of entertainment, plenty of décor inspiration, homemade elegance and a touch of holiday magic (yes – magic) to any space.

Time to grab a pair of scissors, a stack of paper, magazines, newspaper – whathaveyou, and a get cutting today! Our favorites are often those that begin with a six-fold, but the real beauty of a snowflake comes from the intricate cuts and creative edge that each individual gives it. For a little how-to to get you started see here, or here, or even here. You may also want to host a little pre-holiday snowflake-cutting party for some of your friends this year, which often makes for much more than just amazing snowflakes. Just invite the girls over for a BYOS (bring your own scissors) night of wine, holiday movies or music, great conversation, and lots of shear enjoyment.

And what to do with those snowflakes once you've made them? Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate and use paper snowflakes this season:

1. Decorative curtains. String your snowflakes together with fishing line and create a gorgeous curtain that the visual gurus at Anthropologie would be proud of. I hang strands of these in-between my stockings as well and always get compliments on them.

2. Votive holders. Wrap your snowflakes around taller votive holders and let the holiday light shine brighter. Keep in mind that paper is flammable so be sure to only use taller holders – you certainly don't want your holiday plans to go up in flames!

3. Gift tags. Tape or tie your snowflakes onto your packages and use them as gift tags this year. "To" and "From" have never looked so chic. We especially like to use white snowflakes to decorate presents wrapped in kraft paper.

4. Holiday doilies, placemats, and coasters. Oh, only your 90-year-old grandmother uses doilies? So not true. On occasion, we do too. And for the holiday season we love using thicker paper snowflakes as placemats, coasters and whatnot during holiday parties.

Are you into DIY holiday decorating? What are your tips?


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