Go Tweet Yourself

June 10, 2010

It's high time to start tweeting your life away. And no people, we're not suggesting that you use it to tell the world wide web what you're eating for lunch...
Go Tweet Yourself

Honestly, we're a little sick of people talking about Twitter who know nothing about it and have never used it. Think of Twitter not as a way to update people on every aspect of your life, but instead as a great tool for hearing things first and discovering new things – you just have to follow the right people (like us @StyledOn).

First thing you'll need to do is sign up for a Twitter account (which requires a name, username, password and email address). Add a profile pic, etc and then begin following people, join in the conversations, and tweet whatever you want. For an easy-to-understand guide to tweeting, we suggest you check out CNET's Newbie's guide to Twitter and then follow the twitter feeds below...

The Must Reads:
@womensweardaily - The tweets of the Fashion Bible, WWD. If you love fashion and what the latest, this should be your first follow.
@themoment - NYT T Magazine. 'nuff said.
@cutblog - New York Magazine's The Cut blog's tweets. Lots of fashion, gossip, entertainment.
@THELOVEMAGAZINE - Because we love LOVE and you will too.

Fashion-Focused Sites to Follow:
@rackedny - All the sample sale and shopping information you'll ever need.
@refinery29 - Seriously, refinery29 is one of our favorite sites around. And they hold great contests, which you'll know about if you follow them.
@Fashionista_com - Another favorite site of ours, Fashionista's feed keeps us abreast of what they've recently posted.

Designers, Brands & Stores to Follow:
@KirnaZabete - Take a seat at market appointments and see what's new new new from the feed of one of our favorite stores in SoHo.
@coletteparis - If Colette says it's cool, it's cool – and you'll want to know about it.
@OscarPRGirl - PR girl for Oscar de la Renta reporting from inside one of the world's most prestigious fashion houses. She's adorable and makes us remember why we love fashion.
@ElizandJames - Reporting from inside the global press office of one of StyledOn's favorite label, Elizabeth and James. How else would you know that Fleetwood Mac's Landslide was playing in their office?
@Bergdorfs - There's only one Bergdorf Goodman. Here's your insider access to the store, the fashion, the designers, the windows, the events & a bit more...

Must-Follow People:
@mrjoezee - Creative Director of ELLE Magazine, Stylist, Fashion Loudmouth, Backup Dancer. And he tweets – a lot.
@Carine_Roitfeld - French Vogue's EIC. And she actually asked, "Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda? I wanna hear about it...."
@susiebubble - A favorite blogger of ours, Susie's tweets keep us connected to what's going on over the pond.
@MeenalMistry - This fashion writer's tweets are not to be missed.
@peoplesrev - Delivering Kell on Earth by the minute. Everyone needs a little Kelly Cutrone in their life – or at least on your twitter feed.
@HanneliM - Model, photographer, and girl-we-all-want-to-be, Hanneli Mustaparta's feed.

For Decor, Culture, Food & More:
@notcot - For the ramblings of Jean Aw, the girl behind NOTCOT + the rest of the NotEmpire - design + ux + travel + gadget + amusement + inspiration junkie.
@TASCHENAmerica - Amazing publishing house and so much more. We want to live in their world.
@Smithhotels - Because every hotel they book is bananas.

And for some much-needed amusement:
@ManRepeller - Duh. Written by our own Leandra Medine, Man Repeller is a great blog and an delicious feed to follow.
@fakekarl - He may not be the Kaiser, but he's fantastic.
@DBTH - Down By The Hipster. Rather amusing, actually.
@whitegrlproblem - Yes, we've told you about this before.

And this is only the beginning – there are millions of users out there... Are you already a @twitter #user? Which people are your favorites to follow?

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  • Emily Kropp

    over 7 years ago

    Emily Kropp

    great article! adding these to my feed now...

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