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Designer Bio

Jas M.B. founder as well as designer Jas Sehmbi was Born in Kenya and then growing up in three different continents, he has been fortunate to experience diverse cultures, people and styles. Through his experiences, he learnt to appreciate creativity in different forms, different languages and lifestyles. Finally settling in England in 1970, he studied Art at East Ham College in East London and only three months later, started working in retail selling leather bags. He then began designing and stayed in retail, opening his first shop in 1985. With a love for excellent quality and workmanship, Jas travelled to Italy to research the production of leather and leather goods. He soon designed and produced a range which was then imported to the UK. Continuing to design and combining it with his love for music, he developed and produced the first ever DJ bag. 1994 saw the production of 30,000 bags in six months which funded his first two labels, ‘Spaced Out’ and ‘W-11′. Realising the potential of his handmade products, Jas moved his focus away from nylon and polyester materials to working with only leather. This focus meant bags which were well thought out with attention to detail that large-scale manufacturing sometimes loses. By 2000, Jas’s designs had caught the attention of well respected stores including Barneys and YMC, selling out on the first day! The Jas-M.B. label was launched and nine years on, it has grown from strength to strength, becoming a worldwide name. In 2004, Jas opened Doors by Jas-M.B. in London’s Carnaby Street. The store served both as a one stop shop for Jas-M.B. fans and as a platform for fashion students to exhibit their work. After five successful years, the shop closed in 2009 in order to focus on its internaitonal sales. Now the brand can boast sales in over 500 stockists in over 27 countries around the world with exclusive Jas-M.B. stores in Japan and Shanghai. Since starting, Jas-M.B. has collaborated with many artists, young designers and established brands such as Louis Vuitton Japan, Simeon Farrar and Mihara Yasuhiro. Now Jas looks forward to further collaborations and exploring more creative opportunities around the world while still providing opportunities to new and local talent. [READ MORE]


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