Jack Splash


Designer Bio

It came to him in a dream-a weird, psychedelic dream about robots and butterfly-shaped spaceships. And it launched him into action. "Even though I make music that sounds like the future, I base my blueprint off of real old-school producers," Jack says, "dudes like Nile Rodgers or Quincy Jones or Brian Wilson or Phil Spector, dudes who didn't make the same record all the time, but whatever they made was special." While classic funk, soul and pop rank high on Jack's list, he says, "I could probably spend 10 hours listing the people who have influenced me." In his quest to make what he calls "forever music," songs that new generations might only discover years from now (the same way that he discovered John Lennon), Jack takes all of his musical influences to heart. In the end, Jack Splash hopes the world will stay positive, keep dancing and listen to the robot with the heart of gold when he says in the intro to Technology and Love Might Save Us All: "You want to know what might save us when push comes to shove? It's not people and bombs, it's technology and love." [READ MORE]


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